Google mobile friendly New Zealand failed the test

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Here is some of the writers insight into Google mobile friendly and how some of the big companies in New Zealand failed the test.

The changes will end up penalising those that don’t have the funds or the knowledge to mobilise their site. While some of this is fair enough, there will also be some organisations with genuinely valuable material out there that will effectively be suppressed. These organisations are going to feel that pretty soon, as the changes went live last week in New Zealand. James Kemp, the head of Growth HQ and a pretty handy agent of disruption, carried out an initial study of the impact of these changes on New Zealand’s 60 biggest websites. His results were interesting.

Only three of the country’s top 10 websites managed to make the top 10 ranked mobile sites – these being Stuff, Trade Me and NZ Herald. All of the banks did OK, probably no surprise given the way their customers have thrown themselves at mobile banking. But there were some surprising fails.

A number of ecommerce oriented sites failed the test including Fishpond, Pricespy and Book Me. Not flash given the takeup of phone based commerce by consumers. Embarrassingly a bunch of telcos and broadcasters failed the test including 2 Degrees Mobile, Sky TV and TV3. Some more traditional institutions also failed it, like the AA and the Otago Daily Times. There was also inconsistency between commonly owned stores with The Warehouse pulling in a healthy score of 39th, while subsidiaries like Noel Leeming and Torpedo7 scored poorly on Kemp’s ratings.

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