Google Mobile Friendly websites deadline

Google has a deadline that if your website is not mobile friendly they will bump your site down on google searches.

Headline from NZ Herald News website.

Thousands of New Zealand businesses could have their websites bumped down Google’s search rankings if they have not met the requirements for mobile from today. However, tech commentator Peter Griffin says the search engine giant is likely to tread cautiously.

Earlier this year, Google set a deadline of April 21 for websites to ensure they were mobile-friendly, and said those that did not meet the requirements risked being penalised.

What does that mean to you if your site is not responsive (mobile and tablet ready)?

If your customers, and quite a few people do this, type into Google to get to your site, even though they know the name of your site, they won’t find you unless they scroll through loads of google pages. Instead they should be typing your URL (your website name) into the url box at the top of their internet tools such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer.

You may also not see new customers for a while as your competition is ready and is now being bumped up Google search pages as a result.

See the full article on New Zealand Herald

If you’re not sure if your website is mobile ready use this Google tool

How can you make your website user-friendly.

Option One
Contact your website builder who built your site. If they don’t have the expertise then we can help you. Or they have given you an upgrade price that is just too expensive.

Option Two
Have a new up-to date website built. If you have loads of products or images this maybe costly, but unless you ask you will never know. We can look at your current website and give you a guaranteed price quote for the work that might be needed to make it responsive. You maybe surprised that it’s not that expensive. We can grab all the text and images and get started straight away.

Option Three
See if it’s having any effect on your business before laying out your well earnt money. Tricky to ascertain if you do not have Google analytics to see how many have clicked on your site and the results of searches for your products or services and which page of Google your site was. We can help you add this free tool so you can see the results.

What is Google Analytics?

Easy to get and it’s a free tool to link your website to Google data results. The amount of information it provides allows you to not only track customer behaviour, it also allows you to tweak your website to get more customers.

Example: If I type ‘Where to buy a front door’ into Google I will get results with the ones with more of the words I have typed into Google. On the first page of my Google search the words I typed are often highlighted. If I type ‘Where to buy a front door Kapiti’ I will get results with Kapiti in the Google results. This means I get a shop that is closer to my home.

As a website owner with Google Analytics I will see this search on my Google Analytics dashboard. I can see which page on Google my company appeared and if the searcher then hit on my website page. I can then see what else they looked at.

We are not techy enough to know what to do, plus we don’t have the time to research it all.

Just give us a call and we can explain it to you in easy to understand terms.

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