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Growth in the number of online buyers, but most are chosing to buy from your compeditors abroad!

If we look at the figures below, now is the time to get your business online. Customers are telling us they want goods shipped online, they want to browse for products online. But they also want the best prices.

New Zealanders are spending more and more online, sales up 7% versus a year ago. Australia has 8.6% growth.

The mix of spend is markedly different however. In New Zealand it is purchases from international retailers that are growing fastest, up 11%. International spend now accounts for 41% of all New Zealanders online shopping versus just 25% for Australians. Conversely, it is domestic purchases that are growing fastest in Australia, at 11%; with international spend growing at only 2%.

New Zealanders are spending more and more online, with the BNZ Online Retail Sales Index reporting sales up 7% versus a year ago.

The story for New Zealand retailers gets even worse when you consider that our strong dollar is masking the growth in the numbers of purchases made with international retailers. Stephen Bridle of Marketview, who produces the BNZ Online Retail Sales Index, has examined growth in transaction volumes across some key categories, and the news isn’t pretty:

June 2014 quarter versus June 2013 quarter

  • Groceries; Liquor (incl health food & supplements) +40%
  • Furniture, Housewares and Hardware +29%
  • Electrical and Electronic Goods (incl computers and appliances) +47%
  • Clothing, Footwear; Accessories +30%
  • Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Stationery, Antiques, Flowers +26%
  • Recreation, toys, games, books (excl entertainment media) +10%

This data was published by BNZ

BNZ Online Sales Index