Design and Build

You tell us you need a website, but don’t know what you want. You also tell us you are not that techy. We then tell you that is what all our customer’s say, no problem.

We have a meeting to discuss your website ideas. We show you visually what your website might look like and how it works.

Then you give us all your wants and needs and then we ask you questions as we need to know about your business, i.e. the type of customers you want to attract as that will effect stuff like your layout and colour schemes.

Our Services Include
Domain name email and set up on your PC and mobile
Design and colour scheme
Four pages
Contact page with map
Totally ready for smart phones
Uploading of Logo (design if req)
Google Analytics and training
Website user training
Helpline within business hours
Ongoing Support (if req)

You can expect a minimum of $12 per month ongoing hosting charges for a website without a shopping cart and/or loads of product images.

We then go away with your blessing and start building your website.

If you would like to start with a just a phone call please contact us